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angioplasty yesterday

Posted by @retirednanny in Heart & Blood Health, Jun 22, 2012

Had a 30% blockage in my inferior septal wall. I had heart attack symptoms, so they did an angioplasty. Went through my wrist. It's been 24 hours, and I still have symptoms I did before. Is there anyone out there whos had angioplasty with NO stent, just balooning?

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Posted by @nic, Jul 4, 2012

Yes I went through similar situation, ballooning but no stent
inserted. IT was my LCA blocked by 60%. I did not have
any symptoms before as it was detected in routine stress
check on an a tread mill, the check was positive for cardiac ischemia.
So I cant evaluate angioplasty on the basis of symptoms, but
as my yearly stressed thallium tests are normal since 1996 (16 yrs)
I can say that the procedure has worked perfectly. In your case
it is too early to say any thing. I hope by now your symptoms
are gone as you posted your note on 22 June, two weeks back.
Why they did not put in a stent?


Posted by @retirednanny, Jul 6, 2012

No stent OR balloon because it was only a 30% blockage . Have since spoken with my doctor and he says in light of my result with the angiogram my symptoms were coming from microvascular insufficiency which entails a whole different venue of treatment.....I had a stress test done because of angina. arm/neck pain and severe fatigue. In my opinion, yes the angina is from the MVI, but the pain and fatigue are from a BAD flare up of fibromyalgia. I'm still feeling quite badly....:( Thanks for the post!


Posted by @nic, Jul 6, 2012

Hope and wish you are better today. Every 3 months I take four Homeopathic tinctures for 2 weeks, that helps me lot, I can feel the difference. If you want
you can also take them along with your other medicines.

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