Aneurysm of ica/ophtalmic

Posted by juliede @juliede, Aug 10, 2021

My ophtalmic artery is included in an large neck aneurysm. To keep my vision is it best to coil and put a flow diverter and therefor block my ophtalmic artery completely and hope for colateral blood flow to feed retina etc? Or to just put a flow diverter no coil and have still some flow in ophtalmic artery but with risk of embolism in ophtalmic artery? I have seen 2 docotrs and their opinion are different. Also one want to fo the ballon test to see colaterals the other says not to and just go with flow diverter only. I’m lost.

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Hi @juliede and welcome. The members here at Mayo Clinic Connect cannot offer medical advice, but we can offer experience if anyone has been through something similar.

There are many members who have experienced aneurysms of the ICA like @uroojkamran, @carol1965, @lizang, @roch, @tanyabray41 and @perion so I would like to invite them to the conversation..

Reference info: Flow-diverting devices in the treatment of unruptured ophthalmic segment aneurysms at a mean clinical follow-up of 5 years:

Have you thought to see one more as a deciding factor? Two out of three? Or have you researched which procedure is better for preserving eye sight?

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