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Anesthesia fears

Posted by @mrmanfam in Mental Health, Sep 24, 2011

I have a phobia of anesthesia from a tonsillectomy trauma I had when I was 10. Instead of waking up to ice cream then going home, I awoke to having to be rushed to the hospital because I almost died.

I joined a phobia clinic now to address the fear. What I need is to talk to people who have had surgery and what they experienced "going under". I'm trying to get brave enough for a colonoscopy that's 8 years overdue. I'd also like to talk to an Anesthesiologist.

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Posted by @steph42, Sep 24, 2011

I just had a colonoscopy this week and going under for it was the easiest of any surgery or even dental procedure I've every had. Your only out for 10 - 20 minutes and it's not a real deep sedation so you come out of it very easy and quickly.

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Posted by @mrmanfam, Sep 24, 2011

But what is the feeling of "going under"?


Posted by @pattywhalen, Oct 2, 2011

I just went through a similar experience. I had surgery about 10 yrs ago and was "put out" for the first time. I came out and immediately was sick to my stomach. It was terrible and I swore i would never go through it again. I just had minor surgery 2 weeks ago and after much reassurance from the anesthesiologist that things have changed greatly in the past 10 years I was less anxious about it, and it was not bad at all. I suffer from panic disorder, and all i can say is that I was relaxed with a mild drug pre surgery and you go to sleep very fast and you wake up thinking that you just blinked, and no time has passed. I believe that you aren't completely unconscious during a colonoscopy just very drowsy. Good luck, if I can get through it ANYONE can!!!


Posted by @mrmanfam, Oct 4, 2011

Thanks for that. Since I'm having an endoscopy then as well, I have to be asleep. So there was no feeling of "going under"? One second you're awake and the next second you're waking up? That's what I hope. Still, I'm a bad patient.

The Phobia Clinic counselor had me set up my pre-colonoscopy doctor's visit. I did, but it took me a few days to get the courage.

Tell me, when and how did you get to talk to the Anesthesiologist? Not right before the procedure was it?

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