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Anal fistula

Posted by @chimaononiwu in Just Want to Talk, Jan 21, 2012

Hi,I sent post abot 4months ago concerning my condition,but got no reply. 17 yers a go i woke up and dicovered thet i cant move my left leg properly,on checking out i discovered a potion on my left butock was hard and painful. I visited the hospital and have to undergo surgery three times and the wound refused to heal. Since then i have pus sometimes blood comming out from the wound, am in pain most part of the day,embarased most time as a resul of stain on my skirt,drop out of collage becouse i cant seat for a long time. I am 41yrs now and single as a result of this.I still believe that one day help will come my way for proper/final solution.Is any one suffering the samething, been cured or have solution to this strange illness?. chima.

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Posted by @anon01345522, Jan 22, 2012

Hello. Not knowing any details, I think that you should be seeing a gastroenterologist, a general surgeon and a gynaecologist for further opinions. There are many possibilities but a curative surgery should be available if you have the drive to persevere until you find the mist competent doctors. Don't take no for an answer.


Posted by @chimaononiwu, Jan 22, 2012

Hi Schpier,Thanks for your concern. I will naver take no for answer.


Posted by @luv2float, Jan 28, 2012

This is my first day on this site and your title startled me. I too had anal fistulas. Everytime I'd have a surgery another one would form. I just couldn't heal, like you. Trust me, I know the pain you are going through and the loss of your loved one. I had a 3 yr relationship dissolve because of my problems.

The docs thought I had Chrohns Disease and thats why I wouldn't heal. They could never determine this for sure. I was on all kinds of drugs for infections, including Flagyl, which caused me to lose 40pds in 3 mos.

They finally ended up performing a colostomy. They felt this would allow the area time to completely heal. I had it in place for 9 months. By then, I was completely healed and they did a reversal.

I was in my 20's when this happened and I went through 7 surgeries in 2 years. I'm now 54, and thank goodness, I've never had a problem since.

Never stop searching for answers. I wish you the best.


Posted by @chimaononiwu, Jan 29, 2012

Hi luv2float, Am so greatful to hear your opinion on my case. can you kindly direct me to where you finally got a solution to yours. You are the only one who understand the way i feel. I just feel relieved hearing from you. God bless you.


Posted by @luv2float, Jan 29, 2012

My procedures were done in dallas, tx. I had a great gyno doc, he referred me to a specialist who specialized in this area. Good luck finding a good doctor.
Let me know how you do, ok and my prayers are going out to you.


Posted by @chimaononiwu, Jan 30, 2012

Amen. Thanks.

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