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Anal Cancer

Posted by @boberie, Nov 28, 2011

anal cancer…. starting treatment today, chemo and radiation therapy. would like to talk to anyone who has been diagnosed with this cancer.



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Posted by @linjen, Jun 18, 2012

Hello boberie. I too have been diagnosed with anal cancer and was hoping to talk with someone else going through the same thing. I started treatment May 29, 2012. I see you posted back in November. How are things going for you?


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Posted by @jcarney, Aug 18, 2012

how did your treatments go? I was just diagnosed and will be having tattoos on Monday and a port put in on Friday. I don’t know anyone who is going through this. It would be great to hear how you did. I feel like a bomb has been dropped on me. I thought i was very healthy. thanks for anything you can tell me.

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