Amaranth for Redundant Colon and Chronic Constipation

Posted by annbk @annbk, Oct 31, 2020

I recently had my first colonoscopy. When I read the notes, I was surprised to read that I have a “loopy” colon. My lifelong chronic constipation suddenly made sense. For the past 20 years, I have successfully treated the problem (without knowing the cause) by eating at least 1/4 cup of amaranth per day. It works amazingly well. If anyone wants to try it and would like recipes, let me know.

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Hi @annbk and welcome to the Digestive Health group on Connect. I was unfamiliar with amaranth so did a quick internet search and found this:

– Amaranth: An Ancient Grain With Impressive Health Benefits

Great to read that amaranth is naturally gluten free. Quinoa is another grain that I love that is gluten free. @astaingegerdm @bandaids @darlia @shayshay may also have something to add or learn from this conversation.

Ann: I, too, have to manage constipation despite all plumbing being normal (a bit loopy) and eating well. I'm interested in hearing how you incorporate amaranth in your daily diet. What is its flavor? Do you use it as a grain or simply add it to things like smoothies?

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