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Am i pregnant? Or am i have a another problem with me.

Posted by @misscruisedelacruz, Apr 2, 2013

I am 28 yrs old and i have two kids.Im experiencing some symptoms thats saying i might me pregnant, and some problems thats saying something is wrong with my health…i also suffer from the Hsv 2 virus but other then that and what i am dealing with now i have been fine…..I am severly fatigue, i mean to the point to the point to where i couldn’t even open my eyes and it felt like i would faint if was to stand….my body is is tired and i have a very light period, very light irregular….im eating a lot and gaining an exceddiengly amount of weight…and now my stomach looks pregnant.and i fee pregnant.i sleep all day and up at night.My breast are huge and lactating.and i have tooken two pregnacy test and it says negative…what is it im scared..


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