Am I having seizures

Posted by mayalluision @mayalluision, Jul 9, 2019

Hay, im Maya. i am at a lost and i need some type lf help. Im afraid to talk to my mom about letting me ask a doctor but im afriad she’ll think im faking it, but you cant fake this.
So a little about me. Im 16 going on 17 and im and im active meaning that ive hurt my self numerous of times mostly my head. This msy be funny but the first time that ive hurt my head was when i got tackled but this big guy(he was twice my size) in gym class, this was when i was 13-14(weighed less than 100), and i smacked my head on the hard floor, i thought i was fine but apparently i wasnt. by the time turn 15 over the year i would notice i would stared off a lot, and i had an accident where i was running in the dark outside in a field and got choked by rope and knocked out, automatic concussion and again,i thought i was okay, but then when i got to high school it got worst.i was 16 by this time and I would have pounding headaches that would cause me to pass out on numerous occasions and i was honestly scared. but then something happened one day i’m class. i woke up that day feeling draggy and thought nothing of it, throughout the day i was becoming dizzy and barely understanding things. 4th period last class of the day around 2:30, I had this unbearable headache and I was so dizzy, I don’t remember much by my friends told me that I fell out the chair onto the floor and started shaking, and I was like so weird and it freaked me out. Went to the er and they didn’t do anything, fast forward to 3-4weeks ago, I went to my boyfriends friends house for a pool party and they’re dog didn’t like me and so it lunged at me but I ran away back downstairs and I was panicky and then my boyfriend came down an tried to calm me down, it worked but after I had the pounding headace and I fell down on the bed cupping my head I was so bad and then I sat up and I was so confused everything was like foggy like not double vision but close and my leg which was hanging off the bed began to shake violently and I got this taste i my mouth and I knew i did cuz you know when you eat something that’s nasty and I make that face and taste your tongue idk how to explain and it went on for a couple of minutes and my boyfriend kept me in sitting position, I was like I was aware it was happening but I couldn’t respond to the questions he would ask and afterwards he layed me down cuz remember feeling so wore and so I fell asleep just like that.
Then after that I’ve just been staring off out of nowhere then I get these headaches all the time now and I’ve never stuttered in my life but everytime I stare off and come back it like I barely can talk cuz my stuttering is so bad now. And now I’m starting to have dreams about having seizures..
Does anyone know something about this cuz I don’t know what else to do


I just saw this today. I had kidney stone surgery last Thurs. Have stent removed tomorrow, thank goodness. Been there 2 1/2 months. Been fine seizure wise, but DMV is doing a reexamination of my drivers license.

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Ouch, @jakedduck1. I understand kidney stones can be incredibly painful. How has your recovery from the surgery been? This is a heart-related stent you're having removed?

Thankful to hear you've doing fine seizure-wise.

I think you mentioned that you thought a reexam of your driver's license might be looming. How are you feeling about that?

@mayalluision – wondering how you are doing lately?

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