Am I going Crazy!!! Pancreatitis question

Posted by anonman78 @anonman78, Jun 9 3:00pm

I am a 45 year old male, have been to my gi's hospital 3x this month and been admitted 1x for acute pancreatitis, 1x for Partial Small Bowl Obstruction, 1x Chronic on Acute Pancreatitis. This month while in the hospital they did 3 procedures 1 EGD, 1 EUS, and 1 ERCP where they cleaned out my common bile duct and placed 2 stents. I had both my gallbladder and appendix out over 6 years ago. Now I am still unable to eat or drink without having massive diarrhea and getting nauseas while I suffer with severe pain 8+ everyday. Am I going crazy or is there something that I should do. Because I am sick of running to the emergency room and their sick of seeing me where they have to try and find a vein and give me opioids and nausea medicine.

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You are not crazy at all. I’m sorry that you still can’t function and suffering pain.
I’ve gone through similar illnesses.
I also had the common bile duct cleaned out a couple of times. The opening of bile duct and pancreatic duct was blocked by bile sludge and caused pancreatitis, acute and chronic.
A couple of weeks ago I developed excruciating pain. My doctor ordered an ultrasound- best when viewing the bile duct. Nothing seen but pain was gone. It was assumed that I passed a stone.
If I were you, I would contact your doctor again- you are not supposed to feel like this.
Has there been any kind of imaging after stents were placed? Also, the ducts’ opening may not be large enough.
When I had my second ERCP the opening was made larger and that has helped.


Pancreatic enzymes may help. Talk to a hepatobiliary expert, look for a transplant Dr.


A transplant of what?

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