Alveoli issues.

Posted by 1douglas @1douglas, Oct 22, 2018

My issue is the lack of transfer of oxygen into my blood. I was diagnosed with emphysema 10 years ago with no change since. I have never had a single symptom of emphysema and still don’t other than a low Spo2 of 91 average. 82 climbing stairs. 78 at 30k ft altitude. 4 specialist say I do not have COPD and one says I absolutely do have COPD. I have tried a dozen bronchial sprays and nebulizers with no help.
Steroid do help but the side affects are not worth it.

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Your O2 levels are almost the same as mine except at 35k feet mine drop to the high 60's at times even with POC. I'm on 15mg prenednisone down form 40 years ago. Fortunately I have little to no side effects of it's been so long I don't remember normal 🙂 and this is the new normal. I initially took for ulcerate colitis but then my lung liked it to. I haven't been able to get below 15 without experiencing significant symptoms. I'm on Tudorz and Symbricot . Not sure if the work or not….maybe I should stop taking them for a week and see if the SOB and O2 worsen?


It sounds like you have IPF idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis a scarring of the lung tissue which affects the transfer of oxygen to your blood causes you to become out of breath whenever you exert yourself you really should see your pulmonary doctor

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