Alternatives to Nissen fundoplication

Posted by cblue @cblue, Dec 28, 2022

Several of you here in there have posted about alternatives to this procedure. One member posted about a slight variation that allows for more normal functioning he was a 270° fundoplication. Others have posted about something else Stretta or strata. I have read about something called TIFF and transluminal endoscopic version of this. I spoke briefly to my doctor about it and he felt those things were experimental. Does anyone know more about these procedures and if they work and what kind of limitation they have? obviously you’re probably most of your here are not medical professionals but do you know valid ways to obtain information about these alternative approaches?

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@cblue, Here's some recent information I found that discusses some alternatives that might be helpful.

— Beyond Proton Pump Inhibitors and Nissen Fundoplication: Minimally Invasive Alternatives for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease:


I will look this over. Thank you very much.

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