ALS diagnosis via Tele-Medicine

Posted by kewal @kewal, Dec 14, 2022

Hello Friends,
I live in India.
A female relative of mine here, aged 52, has suspected ALS.
Diagnosis NOT confirmed at all …. despite consultation at the best-known medical institutes in India. She has lost her speech completely. For 4 years now, she is bedridden.
We have various blood test reports and several MRIs and PET Scans in digitized form.
I would be very grateful if anyone can suggest how to get her remotely diagnosed via telemedicine from an ALS Clinic in the USA?

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@kewal. I'm very sad to know that your relative is so ill and that ALS is suspected. Is your relative at home being cared for by family? That must be so difficult for everyone in your family. You are a wonderful family member to be searching for more resources.

Without an actual physical examination I am wondering if ALS can be confirmed by a physician and ALS team in the US.

If you would like to request an appointment at Mayo Clinic here is the link:

Mayo Clinic Appointment Request

At present I do not have other recommendations however I will do some research today and see if I can come up with some other suggestions. I just did not want to allow your posting and request to go unanswered while I do my research.


@kewal. Here are some suggestions I have. I located these on the ALS Association website.

ALS Association:

Cedars Sinai ALS Clinic in Los Angeles, California
ALS & Neurodegenerative Center at UCAF in San Francisco, California


UC San Diego ALS Center for Research and Therapy in San Diego, California
ALS Center University of Miami in Miami, Florida

Emory University ALS Center in Atlanta, Georgia

University of Chicago specializes in Telemedicine in Neurology in Chicago, Illinois

Rush University ALS Clinic in Chicago, Illinois

These are some clinics I selected because all are associated with academic medical centers where there is ongoing research and clinical trials. You can find others on the ALS Association website. If you would like me to examine another website you find please let me know.

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