allergic to crocheting?

Posted by lindalew @lindalew, Sep 6, 2017

Can fibromyalgia cause environmental allergies?

Hello @lindalew, website has some information that might be helpful here:

Google Scholar is another good place to search for articles for the latest information ( – just type in your search and when it brings up the results click the year 2017 at the left for the latest/newest information. Here’s are the links that came up when I typed in your question “Can fibromyalgia cause environmental allergies?”.,24



Welcome to Connect, @lindalew,

Thank you for your insightful question. John has given some great information; you may also wish to view this Mayo Clinic webpage,, which has several links with regard to fibromyalgia triggers.

@lindalew, could you share a few more details? When were you diagnosed with fibromyalgia? What helps to manage the pain? We look forward to getting to know you.

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