All right side

Posted by marylynda @marylynda, Jul 3, 2022

Pain started in low back. Went yo shoulder than knee and ankle. Hand and arm all on the right side only.
Did ct scan, blood work and heart ultra sound but nothing shows what itis

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Hi @marylynda, this must be so frustrating to have pain and that the specialists have not yet discovered what it might be. What tests are being suggested next?


They have fine blood work. Heart cath , drew fluid off and seeing what grows in.


Hello @marylynda

It sounds as if your doctor is looking for an answer for this pain. You mentioned that they drew fluid off. Is this fluid something that was removed when they did the heart catheterization?

When do you expect to have results?


They said pseudogout

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Hi @marylynda. Was this the final diagnosis?

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