Scratch and ENT issues All on One side

Posted by nan06 @nan06, Aug 4, 2021

My right side started with a scratch or something not bumps no bleeding on my bottom right side low area of gums earache and throat for over 2 weeks the scratch is getting longer no pus no blood throat is getting worse and ear pain?????

What is going on?

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Welcome to Mayo Connect, a community of people living with a wide variety of diseases and conditions, who support each other along the way. We try to be informed medical consumers, and our own best advocates in our care. We are not medical professionals, so not able to provide medical advice. We can tell you what has worked for us (or not) and provide you with information and conversation about your questions.

Have you seen or talked to your primary care provider yet? This sounds like it could be a lot of things, including a bad tooth or an oral infection. but you need to be seen to determine the source.

In my family (including 3 nurses) we have a rule of thumb – if a pain or swelling is no better, or getting worse, after a week, it is time for a consult with a professional. Once you know the cause, I can help you find the right group on Connect to discuss it.

Let me know what you find out, okay?

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