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all diagnoses are not accurate. with ms it's a wrong diagnosis a

Posted by @deliasanderson, Jan 7, 2012

all diagnoses are not accurate. with ms it’s a wrong diagnosis a lot of the time. you could check out the mayo and see what diagnosis and treatment they offer. if you’re still highly functioning, i would recommend extra walks, antioxidant foods and fish. stay away from carbs and fats.. i just read an article today, if you plug in ‘ms and misdiagnosis’ then click on, i believe, the telegraph, you will see an article that says ‘hughes syndrome’ is 5% neurological problem and it’s misdiagnosed as ‘ms’. the treatment for this is blood thinning as it gets rid of toxins that destroy the myelin sheath and cause paralysis and pain. a woman had been paralysed for quite a while from the neck down and had accepted it as ms but got a second opinion and now she’s fully functioning with the blood thinning, @maryyogi


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