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Alcohol Ablation for lymp nodes

Posted by @veen, Jul 14, 2012

Hello Everyone, am new this blog. I felt this is a really very good blog where you can help and share the experience.

I badly need your inputs here..

Can some one please let me know about your thoughts on my situation. I stay in Seattle. My Endo/Surgeon told me to go for second surgery for thyroid cancer which is on lymph nodes. I had TT last yr with out RAI. I did WBS, PET CT SCAN,FNA. But as per PET CT Scan, my Endo is suspecting some thing is obnormal on the lymphnodes. Can I go for alcohol ablation or second time surgery and wait & watch process. Dr has given 2 options (surgery or wait & watch). But I heard that Mayo is the best for alcohol ablation with out surgery. Please share your ideas. Am in confusion state and worrying about this decision. Am ready to visit Mayo if Alcohol ablation is the best option.


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