Alarming rise in Prostate Cancer as testing declines

Posted by mrbill @mrbill, May 20, 2020

Cases of advanced prostate cancer have increased among American men ages 50 and older, while cases of early-stage disease have declined, a study published Wednesday found.
The study looked at cases diagnosed between 2005 and 2016, during which time federal guidelines began recommending against prostate-specific antigen, or PSA, screening for prostate cancer detection because of concerns that the overall benefits of the once routinely recommended blood test did not outweigh the risks.
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– 'Alarming' rise in deadly prostate cancer cases as screening declines (May 20/20 NBCNews)

Mayo Clinic and other doctors around the world are urging patients not to put off care for fear of COVID.


Had I not demanded from my family practice Dr during annual physical that I wanted PSA check I would have gone undetected, had surgery this past Jan.

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