Age 68 or 70 for asceding aortic/bicuspid aortic valve open surgery.

Posted by ginko @ginko, Jul 4, 2018

All those I have encountered have been younger than the ages I mentioned above. Is there anyone who went successfully through such a surgery at these ages? If so, how many years are you past it successfully living your life? Thank you.

I was age 72 when I had the surgery in May 2016. I have had no problems whatsoever and live as I did before the surgery. After 4 weeks, I started rehab which went very well. Since then, I am able to do anything I want to do. Good luck to you! The surgery is scary but easier than you think. There’s only about 5 days of discomfort and that is well handled with some painmeds ut mostly Tylenol.


I was 70. I am now 74. Healthy and able to do anything. My surgery lasted 4 hours the surgeon cleaned out one artery to the kidney and repairs the aorta. The repair was so good it looked like the aorta hadn't been touched. I would highly recommend it at any age. My anerism was 5.5 at the time. Good luck.

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