After Sphenoid surgery - not getting better - help

Posted by alexu33 @alexu33, May 31 10:12am

How do I get rid of sphenoid sinusitis? I am desperate I have now been sick and not been able to work for 1 year

Summary: After surgery felt better very slowly, each time ENT Dr sucked out my sinuses I would be better: 3 days, then 5 days and so on. Put me on antibiotics after 3 weeks, not a big difference, then added steroids to my daily rinses – combo of suction, antibiotics and steroids seemed to do the trick and I almost felt like myself for a week
Once ENT took me off antibiotics (a week ago) feeling more pressure in my head, lethargic, getting issues with noice stimuli and mild headache

What can I do? Anyone experienced this and gotten better? If so how? Who did you consult with if anyone?

Diagnosis: After CT scan confirmed chronic acute sphenoid sinusitis, 4 polyps/cysts and deviated septum

Symptoms: severely lethargic, mild headaches, vertigo, head pressure, brain fog, stiff neck, sensitivity to stimulation eg people talking
in the end a shower would put me in bed for 4 hrs because so tired

Treatment: surgery to open up and drain sphenoid and maxillary sinuses, antibiotics for 20 days, saline & steroid rinse 2/days nose-to-ceiling irrigation, weekly suction of mucus by ENT (could feel huge difference)

Background: Was a healthy female: 5’4”, 125lb, exercised 4/week weight training, plus active, Business owner with 3 teenage boys and husband
Had Endometrial cancer (stage 1, type 1) and Da Vinci surgery in June 2022 – no radiation or chemo. Healed very well. Ended up in ER in UK early September 2022 with meningitis like symptoms, not admitted due to insurance instead was pumped with anti nausea, viral and antibiotics via IV (ER is free in UK even for visitors)

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My first question to you would be-

1. Pre surgery-did you have any nasal drainage and or stuffiness?

Or were your issues purely pressure like pain, lethargy, vertigo etc?

What was the initial driving symptom that took you to the ENT for CT/Medication?

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