After Back Surgery..

Posted by Tonydi @tonydi, Sep 22, 2011

I had back surgery (Spinal Stenosis) in Feb-2010. I an still walking with a limp sort of because I had foot drop before surgery because it took the Hospital 1 month to admit me. I went to emergency 3 times because the pain was excrutiating. They kept sending me home with pain pills. I was still working when I noticed my right foot was dragging the ground. I went to the Orthoapedic Dr and he did an MRI. I had herniated disks. 3 of them. When they did admit me they did emergency surgery because I was numb from the waist down. Thank goodness my pain is gone but still have pins and needles in my right foot. And it has affected my sex drive. Does anyone on here have any answers.? Or has anyone had this done and have the same problem?

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I can feel your pain. In feb 2010 I had a lumbar diskectomy. It took a long time to feel better. By June of 2010 I wanted to jump off a roof… I was so tired of hurting and feeling like a human pharmacy. I started running and got up to 5 miles a day. I still do not have feeling in my left leg due to nerve damage. I know our situations are different but I guess my only advice is do what works for you. What worked for me was keeping active and doing execises that made my back stronger without impact and twisting it. I hope you can find help =)


I am currently facing impending back surgery #3. In 2002, I had an L3-L4 dual laminectomy, to remove a bone fragment and encapsulating cyst. It was noted at that time that my entire spinal column was congenitally undersized, and thus severe stenosis existed throughout. Between 2002 and 2010 I began experiencing increasing neurogenic pain, numbness, etc., and cramping in both my lower extremities. MRI’s indicated an immediate need for extensive lumbar surgery (severe stenosis, multiple dessicated/protruding discs, etc.), and what my Neurosurgeon referred to as ‘Neurogenic Pseudo Claudication’. In layman’s terms: “creeping paralysis”. My neurosurgeon, one of Missoula’s finest, recommended a procedure he referred to as “unroofing the spine”. This surgery was performed in Dec. of 2010, and included every lumbar vertebrae. Recovery was difficult, and protracted (I’m STILL recovering). There was subsequent nerve damage, whether before or during surgery is impossible to say, but I still have tons of neurologic pain, and near daily cramping. My overall condition in my lower extremities is what I would call “a slight improvement” over preop condition. Now, however, I am facing my third and most frightening surgery; it seems my spinal canal is 70% compromised by failed discs and vertebral movement backwards at C5-C6 level. My Neurosurgeon has recommended immediate surgery as both my right arm and diaphragm are impacted by this spinal canal compromise. He intends to perform a fusion, after removing my disc material and inserting those plastic thingamabobs?, taking bone from my hip to weld together these two
vertebrae, which will be further held in position with a titanium plate. I have heard many horror stories about the throat discomfort one might expect from this very invasive surgical procedure. I am also very anxious about the proximity to my C4 region: “cut C4, breathe no more” is the old mnenomic. Has anyone out there experienced this procedure?

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