After an initial diagnosis of sachrum lesion & cystitis, and then, a [...]

Posted by Natalie @elderflower, May 31, 2015

After an initial diagnosis of sachrum lesion & cystitis, and then, a week later, hospitalized with almost a paralyzed left leg and intense pain in the knee, of lumbar and sciatic nerve lesion, during which I received fentanol, dexometasone and tramadol by IV, with almost no scans made (a terrible mistreatment) I was discharged and decided to consult another team of doctors. After a bone centellogram, (hope is that the correct expression), and other studies, they knew I have a lession in my D-12 dorsal vertebrae that probably is the cause of the symptoms. They STILL dont know. Two questions: Does pregabaline really help and how long the patient takes it? Why some doctors prescribe codeine (with the knee pains I had, it almost worked) and others cringe at the request, like a person was asking for something illegal? Does codeine cause further damage that I dont know of? I have 60 mg pill every 6, 7 hours. Thanks a lot, but I was disastrously mistreated the first time, very traumatic. I also don’t understand the tremendous knee pain.

Hi Natalie,

Thanks for reaching out. We’re not able to provide specific treatment recommendations online, but I have reached out to one of our specialists to find out whether they can provide some additional information for you. I hope to know more shortly!

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