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Advice: Swollen Stomach

Posted by @sarahsmith, Sep 27, 2012

I am in my mid 20’s. My lower abdomen has been swollen for approx 4-5 months. I thought that the swelling was due to belly fat- as I used to be underweight and rapidly increased weight, but the area seems too firm to be all fat. I am worried that it is something else. Please let me know if you have any thoughts. I have provided additional information below:

– The swelling is in my central lower abdomen; I am skinny aside from my belly so I frequently get asked if I am pregnant
– I lost a lot of weight 2 years ago after becoming vegetarian, then rapidly increased my weight to normal; it has been 3 months since reaching my target rate. I am still a vegetarian but regularly eat eggs to make sure that I don’t get a protein deficiency.
– I have not had a period in four years. I have been on birth control for 2-3 months to build up estrogen in my system; I usually still do not get my period– but last week, had a bit of spotting.
– My fingers turn blue and swell when I’m cold or stressed (likely unrelated, but threw it in just in case there’s a correlation)
– I work out a lot, including ab exercises

Any advice/similar experiences would be helpful!



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Posted by @glades2, Dec 26, 2013

Did you request an ultra sound of the bladder – before my neurogenic bladder/extreme urinary retention was diagnosed some thought I was putting on excess weigh – my waist went from a 31 to a 34 in a few months time…

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