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Advice on Long Term Disability Insurance

Posted by @dboozan in Men's Health, Nov 1, 2012

I had a very major accident about a year and a half ago that left me with no use of my right arm and a traumatic brain injury. I was on long term disability during that time and went back to work this July. I thought going back would be difficult but it has been much harder than I thought. I am currently looking at my options but have some questions I am hoping people might be able to help with. Wondering if it is possible to go back on disability? If I do that am I able to work small jobs or explore other careers without jeopardizing my benefits? Would I be required to try and go back to work in the future? What are the chances I could loose my benefits?
Thanks in advance for the advice.

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Posted by @strawberyluv, Nov 1, 2012

I would check with my regular doctor to schedule with a specialist in that area


Posted by @slugger, Nov 2, 2012

I found that trying to get disability seems to be next to impossible. I am in my late 20's and I cannot work and I have been denied so many times. If u know it's too hard and painful to work then find out who you need to talk to to get help.

Good luck!

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