Adventures In Male Agri-Care: ‘Mushrooms’ Fertilized With Testosterone

Posted by Catgic @catgic, Jun 27, 2017

Gathered Mayo Clinic Connect’ers – I just responded to an invitation from “Mayo Clinic Connect” to sign up to be, and participate as, one of the Mayo Clinic Champions. I filled in my email and clicked, and I assume that I am now among those “Mayo Champs.”

Anyhoo, I, previously had written and published, an article opinion piece on my personal web page entitled: “Adventures In Male ‘Agri-Care’: ‘Mushrooms’ Fertilized With Testosterone.” It is my opinion, based on what I have seen and experienced over my three-score plus fifteen-plus years roaming the planet. I share it, now, with those gathered here, as an FWIW FYI, and for use by Mayo Clinic Connect.


Recent investigative inquiries and researching of information about the whys, wherefores, what-is-it and what-to-expect in treatment of male-exclusive medical problems caused us to learn a curious societal thing about men’s versus women’s health issues in our U.S. culture.

Whereas, as a group, women seem to be well organized, centered, and proactively communicative on seeing that American society focuses on increasing awareness and getting-the-word-out about health issues specific to women. Women obtain and garner high-levels of private and government program funding, pursuing female-focused research investigation efforts, and the successful treatment of the panoply of their female-centric health issues. For example, Women have Sarah G, Komen For The Cure (of Breast Cancer), National Wear Red Day, American Women’s Health Awareness & A Myriad of Gynecologic Cancer Support & Info Events, and they maintain sizable levels of NIH National Cancer Institute Women’s Health Research, American Cancer Society, National Foundation For Cancer Research Funding, et al, while men, comparatively, have and get mostly “Bupkis.”

There are no significant equivalent awareness undertakings, getting-the-word-out efforts about men’s health issues or levels of funding, active research efforts or overall male-specific medical problem treatment infrastructures, which focus on male-specific health issues… in a like manner as exists for female-specific medical issues.

On a comparative basis at the societal and cultural level on this Male vs. Female health point, when it comes to male-centric/male-specific health information and support, men are kept in the dark and fed the standard fertilizer food fed to all mushrooms on mushroom farms, “Horse Manure & B.S.” Information and funding for men, as compared to the “All You Can Eat-Learn” Buffet of female-specific health information and funding support made available to the greater Divine Ya-Ya Secrets Sisterhood collective of women, is minuscule. Men are cast a drift, left on their own, and treated like just so many “mushrooms” on a mushroom farm.

Men keep being told, “Trust us. There is a Polo pony somewhere in that pile of mushroom food.”

Evidence of this is that one never sees a local town, village or city blocking and cordoning off streets so a thundering herd of assorted size, shape and age men and boys wearing blue tee-shirts can be turned loose to run or walk to race 5-kilometers or even one-foot “For The BPH-Prostate Cancer Cure,” treatment, research, and eradication of any other of the male-centric medical maladies. [Copyright © 2017. All rights reserved Joseph A. Poliakon. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form except for “Fair Use,” as stipulated in the Copyright, Fair Use, Intellectual Property Rights Notice and Policy on Rights].

Hi @catgic,
Welcome back to Connect. You’ll see that quite a bit has changed on Connect since you first joined in 2011.

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@catgic, you wrote an interesting op-ed piece here. If you don’t mind me asking, what was your motivation for the article? Are you hoping to create more awareness?

@JustinMcClanahan – I do not mind you asking, “…what was your motivation for the article” op-ed piece I posted here on Mayo Connect, and I am pleased to respond to your question.

My motivation is/was multi-faceted and multi-leveled. Of course, it goes without saying that I was/am “…hoping to create more awareness” in the writing and posting of it. However, it is not clear if Mayo Connect is the best forum to assure “Pre-Need” healthy/well-males will read, digest, and be informed by my e-babbling pontifications on the subject. Therefore, that “Pre-Need/Still Unafflicted” Group of men/males likely will be out fighting wars, flying, riding motorcycles, surfing, bicycling, running, romancing, et al, but not signing up to be a reading member of a Mayo Connect posting on the subject I called here, “ADVENTURES IN MALE AGRI-CARE.”

As I view your Mayo Connect Avatar, I judge you to be a young man. Of course, when you are 76, as I am, most men and women with whom I meet and interact, I consider to be “Young.” Anyhoo, fellow men/males of your age group are the target group I would like to address, educate, and give a heads-up to on the subject of the down-slope tailings of living an active testosterone-fueled life, along with imparting to them an understanding of the “Normal” effects, over the arc of a red-blooded, typical male’s lifetime, on the prostate gland from self-generated testosterone.

I, fortunately, had and have miniscule PSA #s that are “In The Noise,” all my life. That is the good news for me. However, I am the “Victim” of the lifelong marinating of my prostate gland by my own self-generated testosterone. That is, I was (past tense) afflicted by Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), prior to having the Chair of Mayo Clinic’s Urology deliver the “Gold Standard” TURP (Transurethral Resection of the Prostate), to carve it down to a healthy, reduced and unobstructing size WITHOUT ANY POST-OP SIDE-EFFECTS. The important point here is that delivery of the TURP by lesser-skilled hands has a finite and measurable probability of creating “Whacking & Hacking” collateral surgical damage to the area surrounding the prostate, leaving (too) many men sexually impotent, with incontinence, and wearing diapers for the rest of their lives.

Over the years prior to my connecting to Mayo Clinic for medical treatment to resolve my BPH malady, I was treated by urologists in the local area of my residence, variously, with Flomax (tamsulosin) and Avodart (dutasteride) medication. These medications were supposed to treat-shrink the size of my prostate…however, all these medications were a “Big Fail” that was uselessly in-effective for me.

The local urologist I had wanted to move to perform TURP surgery on me. I bypassed him, connected with Mayo Clinic Urology, with the rest is my personal story of being delivered successful TURP surgery at age 70…without any, nada, no, zero post-op side-effects…Unlike (too) many of my contemporaries who have received their TURPs from non-Mayo Clinic medical providers, ending up post-op with undesired sexual impotence and incontinence side-effects.

So, I am a positive data point of one, and a lucky, successful one at that. BENIGN is a most beautiful word when inserted before… PROSTATIC HYPERPLASIA.

Unfortunately, there are those men out there with high PSA #s who are afflicted by Prostate Cancer. These are the fine fellows of my special concern. Prostate Cancer is a stealthy disease, but if it is detected/caught early, it is entirely curable. However, if a testosterone-fueled entity does not go in for a regular Prostate Exam & Check Up Of Male “Plumbing,” he will not know he has a problem until it is too late.

Here is my larger point with regard to males working at catching up and paralleling the female-centric health checks I wrote about in my above post. Medical Guidelines for good women’s/female gynecological health recommend annual or biennial Pap Smears, etc. However, There is no similar “hard” guideline for men/males as regards getting an annual or biennial urological (i.e. prostate) exam.

I recognize that men do not have the “Massive Blue Infrastructure” to worry about, fund, and research “Threats To Their Package,” as do women with their “Massive Pink Infrastructure,” which worries about, funds, and researches their “Ta-Tas & Etcetera.” However, we are working at getting “Smarter.”

I call the attention of your and the gathered eyeballs here on Mayo Connect to what follows. There exists an organization that is working to impart awareness to men/males to get them to line up for an “Annual Finger-Wave” to get their gear checked.

A e-link to that group follows:

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