Adult child with Depression, Anxiety and ADD

Posted by nvallewhite @nvallewhite, Sep 23, 2016

Is there support groups for people who care for people with mental health issues?
Or groups my daughter who’s 21 can join to help her maintain her illness on a day to day bases?
Please let me know.
I’m in the Riverside area and Moreno Valley.

Hi @nvallewhite, welcome to Connect! I found that the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) has a great feature on their website for finding local support groups and treatment centers. Here is the one I saw listed in Riverside:

Connect is also a great resource where she can find support online; I’d recommend that she check out the Mental Health and Just Want to Talk groups. Have you talked to her about joining Connect?

Hello. I don’t know if thos is the correct forum but I’ll gice it a try. I’m 49 years old and i have 4 boys 23-15. I’ve been stuggling with a back injury since Jan. I’ve been off work simce July. I’ve noticed my 17 yr old and 20 yr old don’t really like me and don’t like to talk with me. It breaks my heart and i cry everynight. I just don’t kbiw what to do. Well off to another cry session

Welcome to Connect @1947. I’m so sorry to hear your pain and sadness. I might suggest that you start a new discussion here in the Mental Health group. Here’s how:

1. Go to the Mental Health group
3. Enter a specific title and write your message

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