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Adolescent bone break not healing after one year Please Help

Posted by @pam535, Aug 25, 2012

When the bone broke, Haley was just walking through the forested area.  It
took them a long time (Over two hours) before anyone made the decision to
call for paramedics, and even then they repeatedly said that she just had a
‘Charlie horse’…  They brought her out of the forest on a quad sitting
side saddle.  Apparently, the paramedics thought it was wasting their time
to even be there…  I’d been on the phone with the moms who were left with
her on and off as I tried to get things organized down here to meet them at
the hospital.

When the doctor in the ER saw her xrays, he said it was as bad as a ‘car
accident break’.  He even mentioned she might have a small chip off her
other hip, but any time we’ve ever asked about that it’s been ‘We don’t deal
with that’ because we’ve really only dealt with the surgeon and he seems to
have very set priorities.

Immediately, we asked how she could have broken the biggest bone in her body
just walking.  The ER Dr thought she might have managed it by being too
stiff and stepping funny, but even then it was obviously guess work.  The
surgeon had her marrow sent to be tested because he suggested she had this
bone cyst, he claimed he wasn’t worried about infection because she would
show other signs of sickness if that were the case.  Haley’d been on a
trampoline less than a week before Pam, if it had been a cyst, I don’t see
how it waited to break…  But he had the tests run and they came up with
nothing.  Now every time we see the surgeon he mentions the ‘bone cyst’ like
the test was positive for it.  I like to call it the ‘invisible bone cyst’.
Mark says the surgeon can’t define how she was hurt so badly, so that’s the
excuse he uses…  But we’re worried it’s more than he’s bothered to find
out about.  I spent a good while just trying to tell myself that we needed
to be patient.  

Between the unusual severe break and the slow healing, I feel like we’ve
been very agreeable with dealing with this surgeon for so long.  But in June
when she started complaining of pain… Well, the surgeon isn’t even
possible to get a hold of.  His receptionist is useless and he said he
didn’t want to see us until November to discuss bone growth then.  After the
useless trip to the ER we started talking about what our options were.  We
went through a few friends trying to get someone to refer her to Toronto…
But so far getting a family doctor has been the only course of action that
anyone’s been able to give us.


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