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Kate with ACC

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Adenoid cystic carcinoma

Posted by @katewithacc, May 16, 2012

Hey folks,
New here, doctoring at Coborns cancer center in St. Cloud. Was just told we are now linked with mayo doctors. Newly diagnoised and resected 4 months ago for adenoid cystic carcinoma of the right submandublar salivia gland. Finding info mostly from survivors of this rare cancer what it’s all about. Upset not much advancement or research is being done for us rare folks. If this cancer is found early enough it most likely is cureable…but for most of us it isn’t found for years into it. Kinda pissed me off when I found this out, as I had asked for over 15 yrs., why my gland was swollen under my right ear. A great site for any other survivors of this type of cancer is http://www.accoi. Also on face book check under adenoid cystic carcinoma, lot’s of wonderful survivor stories. Very inspirational. Nice to find your site, God bless…Katie


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