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Posted by @gamelj, Nov 5, 2011

How do you all cope with extreme stress? i am going through a divorce that has tron my family apart. my children are older and are having a hard time with this event that has turned our life upside down. i have several other endo conditions as well and having a hard time. comments/ suggestions welcome.



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Posted by @deliasanderson, Nov 13, 2011

divorce is always ugly especially for the children, adult or not. at least when they are very young, they can get adjusted if the parents stay focussed on them. it’s hard when they are older because you tend to think they can see you as separate. i read a book once but i can’t remember the name, it may have been ‘divorce’. it had a picture of two side profiles. imagine this, one side of the face is the mother and the other side of that same face is the father. children grow up seeing ‘parents’ this way, so when they have to split the face and recognize each parent, it’s impossible. if the divorce is done when they are very young, they do grow up knowing 2 different separate people (this certainly doesn’t mean, they’re not affected, they are but can separate eventually), if they are single. so even as adults, the phenomenon is as it is. so this is why the worst thing is to keep telling children, no matter what age, what it is the other is guilty of, it will backfire as they will think it of you. just be who you are and say nothing negative about the other person, focus on your own life and be a model of indepence for them. they do not need to hear anything nasty about their own father/mother, it hurts, no matter the motivation. resolve your own problems with your own peers, your children are not their to do that. it does not mean you don’t handle your own matters with your x if any matters are there to resolve but they should not be involved, in my opinion.


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Posted by @brownde, Aug 24, 2012

If you have addison’s you may have to dose up to cover your worse days. Just try not to get used to the higher doses. Tapering is misery.

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