Adderall XR 100 mg

Posted by ezra @ezra, Dec 14, 2016

I take 100 mg of Adderall XR per day. I recently read a comment by Gayl Hamilton, MD. On May 19, 2014, she indicated that Adderall attenuated her athletic physique and caused permanent changes in the dopamine system of her brain. She also suggests that Adderall caused mitochondrial damage. In her words, the drug “contributes to further damage to both the mitochondria and the adrenal axis.” Her comments were posted on

Johnson, C. (2014, May). Stimulating energy: enhancing the mitochondria in the synergy clinical trial for chronic fatigue syndrome. Retrieved from

Is this true? Should I switch medications or reduce my dosage or compliment it with something else? Are there diets or supplements that one should take with Adderall XR?

Hi Ezra!

Have you gotten a reply to this, or found additional information? I'm an adult male in my 40's and am thinking about going on Adderall to help me focus on the three companies I help to manage. I know Adderall would help me laser focus because I used it for a few months during my early 20's, but was told by my doctor to discontinue.

I've read online that new Adderall formations are safer, but have also read the opposite. Very curious if your research turned anything useful up.


James Tuttle

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