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acute pancreatitis

Posted by @champion1 in Digestive Health, Sep 8, 2011

what foods can be eaten with acute pancreatitis?


Posted by @cngarrett, Nov 22, 2011

Just diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis -- taking pancreatic enzymes and experimenting with food. Fat is bad, though I need to get some in order to be able to absorb vitamins. Been gluten-free for a couple of weeks -- not sure if that matters, but it can't hurt. Fruit seems to be risk-free, especially things like papaya, melon, apples, pears, peaches. Jury is still out on bananas and citrus.


Posted by @deliasanderson, Nov 26, 2011

good luck with that, just a personal thought, perhaps if you blend everything in a magic bullet, it would aid digestion so the nutrients can get back to the brain.


Posted by @glo, Jan 26, 2012

I was told that the crestor medication I was taken may have caused the problem. any thoughts or news on this


Posted by @stillsearching, Mar 21, 2012

I was told clear liquids (boring) and not practical. Gluten free is great since it takes the body extra work to digest gluten. I try to stay with soft vegetables, fruit, lentils, GF oatmeal and anything with coconut i have to stay away from all red meat. I can tolerate chicken in small amounts. The no-no's are alcohol, fats, most meats, most cow dairy (goat milk/cheese is fine for me) you have to keep a detailed food log and try it out. I wish eating was the biggest problem with pancreatitis. I can't find anything to overcome the pain. Any help with this?

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