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Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Posted by @fernbanks, Feb 26, 2012

Does anyone know anyone with AML or anyone who has survived this disease?



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Posted by @mumdula, Dec 2, 2012

My husband has had AML for about 2 years. He is in remission now.

Renee davis

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Posted by @reneedavis, Sep 23, 2012

My husband was told he had all Oct.6 2011 went through bone marrow transplant Aug.15 2012 anyone in a simular situation that would just like to share I feel so alone


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Posted by @vanessaw, Jul 30, 2012

I will like to chat whith someone who knows abou (AML) my son got diagnostic on 02/ 2012 and is being very hard on me, i keep reading all about it but i always got the feeling that it is more to know…please write me back.


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Posted by @justone, Sep 5, 2012

Would like to know how many others have had just chemo to treat AML and how long have they have been in remission. Has anyone decided to have stem transplant? If so, are you pleased with the outcome?

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