Acupuncture and Fibro?

Posted by KristenChez @kristenchez, Mar 27, 2012

Has anyone ever tried acupuncture to help with fibro pain? Has it worked? I’m thinking about giving it a try.


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Yes ,I tried it .I did two weeks off sessions at $100.a treatment in the beginning it shot burning pain down the back’s of my leg’s . But I continued to give it a try. Honestly it was awful. It seemed to stir up more unwanted pain. So I have switched to message therapy and it still gives me pain and even migraines. Each time I ask her to lighten up a bit. Had one yesterday 6 threat meant in six weeks still with the muscular pain and migraine . My guess is I haven’t had the tissue disrupted so it’s giving me a hard time. For example went to bed with migraine and full bony pain . I woke 3hours later took my pain & muscle med and woke with no migraine and throbbing thighs g relief has been medication and calves. I am determined to get to a relaxed state after all it is a message. But I’m not there yet. Not sure you can rub the fiber pain away ? But still trying going lighter next week will let you know. But to answer your question I got no relief with acupuncture. I will never ever try that again. Fibromyalgia is so debilitating and tricky . Believe me vie tried so many things like the DRX 9000. It was very expensive but it was a month worth of every other day treatment. With this one it was a stretching of the body then tens units then ice application. I would feel relief leaving and into the next day buts by day three I souls be running for my apt. I guess what I’m saying is I have only found momentary temporary relief. Only real l lasting has been pain meds. Calves are burning as I speak. Know it is a disease and find a pain management doctor who will understand you. Twenty years ago they diagnosed me with connective tissues disease . Now new doctors call it fibromyalgia. Just remember you are a tender soul and must be treated as such . Your body demands it. Shell Bell


I have never tried acupuncture but have tried chiropractic, meds and message therapy. I have more release of pain from massage however I am swore for a few days after but for the most part lets up tremendously for a few days. I am going through a backset right now and the pain is horrific that I can’t work. They put me on neurontin to help due to insurance not approving Lyrica. I am getting really frustrated with the pain more this time than ever before. Have any suggestions?


I am currently doing acupuncture and I think it helps me. My insurance doesn’t cover it, so I have to pay for it out of pocket. I started it a couple of weeks ago and haven’t had a bad pain attack in that time period. I’m hoping the acupuncture is the reason why, but it hasn’t been long enough for me to be confident that’s it. It certainly isn’t making me worse. I’m also listening to a self hypnosis/relaxation tape that I was given. Again, I think it helps. I wish you peace.


Yes, Kristenchez, I have used acupuncture for the past 8 years. It has been helpful for pain control when I use it along with meds, stress control, exercise, and good sleep habits. I started using it for appetite control and for pain so I could start walking daily and it has been very successful. Of course I have to pay for it out of pocket but then I think that we would all agree that finding relief from FM is expensive and a full-time job.
Sometime there is pain when the wires are inserted but my doctor started gently and worked up to more aggressive treatment as I could tolerate it. It is only painful for a few seconds and if it continues he adjusts the wire. I don’t have any pain after I leave.
Good luck.


Did you ever try accupuncture and did it help?

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