Acupuncture and chronic cough

Posted by Tina Sims @tinaesims, Jan 8, 2020

Has anybody tried acupuncture? If so, what are your thoughts?

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@tinaesims…I have had acupuncture treatments about once a week and found them very helpful. My cough had been constant, but is now rare at times other than postural drainage and nebulizer treatments. Cupping also helped when my lungs were full of fluid.


@tinaesims I did acupuncture for one yea, once a week, hoping that it would do some magic on my chronic cough (not the bronchectasis cough to get mucus up…this is another cough I got during the flu two years ago that's was just constant) but it didn't. I still like acupuncture and am hoping it did some magic in some other way. Nan


I have doing acupuncture once a week for 18 months now. At times it has been very helpful with my cough. I can't help but believe it is helpful in the healing process!


Had acupuncture for sinus problems and wow! it sure did help.

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