Acoustic neuroma, avoid antioxidants?

Posted by sharonmarie @sharonmarie, Jan 1, 2017

I’m still seeking advice and hoping to get gamma knife at Mayo. However I’ve had a few neurosurgeons tell me to avoid antioxidants prior to gamma knife procedure. Has anyone heard of this and why?

Hello @sharonmarie! Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Here you will find other members who have also been diagnosed with an Acoustic neuroma. Please feel free to join the acoustic neuroma conversation already started here-

I would like to introduce you to @rosesareredmylove2016, @tracylynnedaley72 and @cynaburst who will be able to talk to you about their acoustic neuroma journey. You may also be interested in reaching out to @jrismyname, who has gone through gamma knife therapy.

Also, here is some information on Mayo’s Proton Beam Therapy program

@sharonmarie, can you share with me when you were diagnosed? What were your symptoms that made you question being seen by your physician?

sending well wishes your way!

I am not familiar with that, but I had surgery, not gamma knife.

Have you been to the message boards at the Acoustic Neuroma Association? They may be able to offer support as well.

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