acoustic neuroma

Posted by saucy @saucy, Oct 1, 2017

Has anyone ever heard or had this type of tumor?

Several yeas ago I had an operation for bilateral acoustic neuroma at Barrows Neurological Institute in Phoenix, AZ. I now have partial hearing only in one ear. Yes, I still have both tumors but small that we are watching yearly with MRI's. They after many hours of surgery had to stop because one tumor was wrapped around the brain stem. After 23 days in intensive care I'm still alive. (that's a good thing). They later told me it was touch-n-go for a while. They said if they totally removed the tumor on my left side I would not have any hearing at all. At least I have a tiny bit in my left ear. It's hard trying to maneuver through life being almost totally deaf, but it's better then not maneuvering at all.


I was just diagnosed Tuesday with AN. I'm searching for all the information i can get from people who have this. It is small but i lost all the hearing in my left ear. I stumble and walk unsteady and there's this weird taste in my mouth.

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