Acid Reflux, Gerd, and Barrett's Esophagus

Posted by Jackie, Volunteer Mentor @travelgirl, Dec 5, 2018

Having anyone of these issues is torture. Having to live with all three is hell. As they all seem to be interconnected.
I have all three of of them together. So yep i feel like hell most of time.

This past week I was back at Mayo Clinic for an Endoscope with Bravo test, along with Esophageal Manometry test.
So after a full check of my throat, stomach, plus checking how I swallow, and eat.

I had the tests done cause I constantly experience chest pains, severe heart burn, a chronic sore throat, stomach aches, bloating at time along with on and off diarrhea and constipation.

Right It is 4:30 am while I'm typing, cause I was having my usual chest pains laying down and they are so severe, they woke me up.

So how do you cure this? The game plan is to basically drop 10 pounds. Not that I am overweight, i guess just looking like a scarecrow helps to eliminate the situation.

So what can you eat? Not the stuff listed below.. Which is my typical diet Coffee, I love chocolate, tomatoes, and spicy foods. It's tough having to give up Coffee and chocolate.

If you have gastroesophageal reflux (GER) or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), you can prevent or relieve your symptoms by changing your diet. Dietary changes that can help reduce your symptoms include

decreasing fatty foods
eating small, frequent meals instead of three large meals
Avoid eating or drinking the fol​lowing items that may make GER or GERD worse:

greasy or spicy foods​
tomatoes and tomato products
alcoholic drinks

Changing your diet, and the way you have to eat is extremely difficult. It is just as bad as breaking a bad habit. Plus exercising when you feel like hell is not easy to get motivated with. When you experience this disease you are tired, starved and have chest pains, plus have a horse voice and constant sore throat.

Trying to cure this is major life changing event. I do hope I can overcome.
If anyone has any ideas or suggestions if you can please share them I would really appreciate them?

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