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Abusive Parents

Posted by @kholoud, Jul 8, 2012

Wht if ur parents were abusive,, verbal and emotional abuse?
Would u just leave them ?
Would u take it all trying to be a better person?
What if they needed you ? Do they still deserve your help ?
Lots of questions. I’ve suffered my whole life and I don’t know what more to do !!



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Posted by @andrealouise, Jul 13, 2012

Talk to your school counselor. Talk to someone in the family that you trust..a grandparent, aunt, or uncle. Talk to a teacher or minister. You need to talk to someone to help you sort through what is happening and what your options are. You appear to be a strong person who just needs some caring guidance.


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Posted by @piglit, Jul 13, 2012

I agree with Andrea Louise sweetie you really do need to sit down and talk to someone about the issues that you are dealing with. Take care here anytime if you need to talk Piglit

Kathi Gwendolyn

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Posted by @kathigwendolyn, Jul 22, 2012

As you have experienced, verbal and emotional abuse is really difficult, especially from parents ( who are supposed to do the opposite). It is not your responsibility to take care of your parents. Abusive parents can and do make their child ( or children) feel responsible for them, and the emotional abuse causes the child to have low self-esteem, and to think they should be more concerned about the parents than themself. Of course there is also the issue that children of any age always would like love and a good relationship with parents. To answer your question about should you leave them, it is better to live somewhere else that is appropriate for your age, and to have someone oversee you and your situation.
Like AndreaLouise has said below. Make sure it is someone who believes you and that you trust…. all the best…… you are valuable, many of us in the world have gone through the same thing, myself included….


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Posted by @bolo49, Jul 24, 2012

Nobody should be physically, emotionally or mentally abused by parents or anyone else. If you are a minor, go to a teacher or counselor at your school to help you get out of that situation. If they do not take you seriously go to someone else at the school or perhaps even call your local Department of Public Welfare to speak with someone there. You need to get out so you don’t end up repeating the cycle someday with your children. Please find someone to talke to. May God Bless you.

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