I starting having pain after dental work

Posted by carolyn keegan @hellodolly, Aug 20, 2015

About a year ago I starting having pain after dental work in left cheek. Long story short I had the tooth removed. Swelling in cheek and tongue on the left side. I have been seen and scanned by an assortment of specialists including Ents Oral Surgeons and several Neurologists. You name it I have seen and had it. Had 2 pain shots in throat and into temple. Had a camera sent up through my cheek looking for salivary stones or infection. Now my pain feels like it is under my tongue. I deal with this pain everyday and hope now that I am at the Mayo I can finally find some relief or cure. I am sooo frustrated……

Hi Carolyn,
What an ordeal. Dealing with pain is so exhausting. Any news to share? How are you doing?

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