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Abnormal Ana titer= speckled pattern. No one will help my daughter

Posted by @donna1972, Sep 7, 2012

My daughter has been diagnosed with precocious puberty, pcos, and pulmonary hypertension. She also has lots of skin and hair problems, thinning hair. She is now 18. About two years ago she had labs ordered by her dermatology dr. After the doctor heard her symptoms she ordered a extensive lab panel. After the labs came back she refused to see her and said take her to her family Dr. That’s what I did. The pediatrics looked at the labs and told me they didn’t order the test take her back to dermatology.

I found another family dr. Took the lab results, he sent me to UK hospital in lex,KY . Since her testosterone levels were double what they should be. Still no answer for the Ana test. I worked for a cardiologist at the time which didn’t want to refer her either. Because he didn’t order the lab work. I want my daughter to see a rhumatologist because I’m afraid it could be LUPUS. They won’t see me without a referral from my family dr. It’s my daughter…for gods sake why won’t they help me. She is now in college trying to become a Doctor, the very people that won’t help her. A smart honors student



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Posted by @mouser, Sep 10, 2012

In cases like this, I am a big fan of the emergency room. Complain of symptoms that you know will get her admitted and properly worked up.

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