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Abdominal bloating

Posted by @jrwilhelm, Sep 3, 2017

I am an 85-yr old male whose only known digestive problem is an almost constant, and painful, abdominal distension due to bloating, which is worse immediately following food or drink and in the morning upon awakening. C-scans reveal a small hiatal hernia in the esophageal area but no blockages. I have stopped on dairy and grains for extended periods without relief. Probiotics and supplements of various kinds have been useless. I have taken anti-reflux medications for years; these were originally prescribed to remedy a perceived weakening of the esophagus (throat closed up once 15 years ago). However, I have never consciously suffered from acid reflux. My best theory is that there is some causal relationship between the hernia and the bloating; I am aware of two undocumented cases where repair of hernias seemingly cured this kind of abdominal problem.. Does anyone have some suggestions that might help me? Thank you…


Hello @jrwillheim. Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Thank you for posting this topic to the Digestive Health group. Mayo Clinic Connect is a community of people who share past medical experiences. We are not medical physicians or medical professionals so can not give you a diagnosis or medical advice but we can connect you with other members here discussing similar situations.

I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing such issues. Have you spoke with your primary doctor and asked if testing for food allergies would be beneficial? or have you thought about having hernia surgery to repair and hopefully feel better? have you made significant changes to your diet? Have you noticed whether there are certain triggers that bring on your symptoms?

I would like to introduce you to other members on connect that have all discussed GI esophagus complications @lobste @ntp01 @yyyy @lorettanebraska @julier123 @stephieisabella @saucy @ptfitzy. Hopefully they will be willing to share some insight with you.

Hello @jrwilhelm

I would like to add my welcome to you as Jamie just did. In following up on Jamie’s idea of noting triggers for your symptoms, I would suggest keeping a journal of symptoms and daily activities and food/drink intake. It might offer some clues that you can share with your doctor. Allergy testing, as Jamie suggested, might be worth discussing with your doctor as well.


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