Abdominal pain, loss of appetite, weight loss, repeated infections

Posted by claudiabrende @claudiabrende, Aug 1, 2018

38 year old with chronic stomach infections and nothing showing up on scans. Ugh. Weight loss, nauseous, abdominal pain and cramping, bowel changes, unexplained bruising, and repeated infections in the colon, intestine, and kidneys, unexplained bruising, and issues with getting my blood to stop after lab work. Please help if you have any insight. Most scans and test are turning up so I will be heading to Mayo in September but very scared I won’t make till then with symptoms increasing. I don’t know if this makes sense to anybody but at this point, I’m wondering if it a blood disorder, autoimmune with constant infections, or something rare that somebody on this site can relate to you.

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Hello @claudiabrende, I hear the concern in your post and I think that is understandable considering the symptoms you are facing. you mentioned that you are heading to Mayo in September, which is great, but I also understand that can be a long time wait. Mayo Clinic will be a great place to start as they have many experts in many fields who collaborate to help patients find answers or get on the path to finding answers. You may notice that I moved your discussion to the Just Want to Talk group where other members have discussed things such as mysterious illnesses before.

If you don't mind sharing, what have your local providers said about your increasing symptoms while you are waiting to go to Mayo Clinic? Did they have a suggestion as to what you should do if and when your symptoms worsen? How are you managing your symptoms currently?


@JustinMcClanahan Thank you for responding and I do have some good news I talked to Mayo today and they are getting me in on August 28th. Beyond grateful. They have shuffled me to a specialist to another which is frustrating because some have not really heard me and I feel I'm treated like a nuisance. I have gone to GI which did colonoscopy results were inflammation and mucus in the stomach, bacterial infection in the large intestine, a week later I contracted Giardia, a month after that a severe kidney infection that caused me to wipe blood, I started to have my appetite back and was thinking "great we figured it out" then in the last 3 months I can bearly eat without getting sick, the nausea is so severe Zofran and Phenergan is not helping, cramping gnawing pain in the upper abdomen to pubic bone, in the last 2 months I have pelvic/rectal pressure, increase in bowels and diarrhea I went to see my GI and 3 weeks ago I was diagnosed with C.Diff both A and B toxins. Went to urologist said he didn't think my IC was acting up and maybe my endometriosis came back or can be adhesions but no surgeon will not operate. I've been told if I get dizzy to go to ER which has happened but I look like a frequent flyer, and to treat it with acid reflux meds, fiber, protein shakes, probiotics, B12, and a pain medication called Nuysanta but only can take it once a day.

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