A t r i a l t a c h y c a r d i a

Posted by jamestmckay @jamestmckay, May 18 9:00am

I have a t r i a l t a c h y c a r d i a I had 87 episodes in 14 days they make me feel like I'm going to pass out and make me dizzy they put a heart monitor on me and it said 87 episodes in 14 days this started back in December and I get chest pains and pains in my heart just saw the doctor he put me on m e t o p r o l o and f l e c a i n i d e it can make you lose your hair and it's bad on your privates and it makes you tired I can't take it so I was told if you let this go in time it can kill you so I'm thinking herbs like h a w t h o r n I am scared of that medicine or maybe have a c a t h e t e r a b l a t i o n done I don't know I just know I can't take that medicine I'm scared of it same time I can't let my heart continue to have the Spells I'm going to text my heart doctor nurse Monday and tell her the way I feel and see if she has any suggestions I can have bad spells where it takes me to the floor and I can't move like I always had irregular heartbeats like two times a month or three come December tons of them everyday and that's the way it's been since weird I eat the same food take the same vitamins don't make sense why my heart's messing up trusting God he will work it out I can't take that medicine I'm not telling my family doctor probably get mad at me I can't have my hair falling out and it's really bad on your privates and it makes you tired the heart medicine he put me on I wish I knew another heart doctor to get his or her opinion wish you all the best keep on beating beating get it James T McKay

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Whoa!!! Metoprolol has been a lifesaver for literally millions of us with arrhythmias all over the globe. I was on it for nearly five years before I had my electrical disorder blocked via a catheter ablation. The only thing you should fear, in my humble opinion, is that you can't tolerate it for some reason, and they have to put you on something more exotic, maybe more costly for you, or only a bit better than metoprolol. The only thing YOU need to do on metoprolol is to monitor your blood pressure frequently, maybe two/three times a day for the first month or so, and also your heart rate. It's a drug meant to lower your heart's desire to beat strongly, and to beat quickly. Some get overdosed, whether due to forgetting and taking to much in a 24 hour period, or what they take as prescribed is lowering their heart function too much.

I think SELF -MEDICATING has killed more patients than the drugs they were prescribed by competent authorities. Your doctor or cardiologist absolutely MUST KNOW if you are taking any kind of supplements or herbal concoctions. MUST!

We here have all felt the dread and the thumping and bumping, and the anxiety, and the sleeplessness, and felt generally unwell due to this electrical disorder. Your anxiety is as much a problem as the disorder itself. You may feel you're going to die, but you won't. Nobody dies from this disorder. They may die from untreated, or unmanaged atrial fibrillation or tachycardia, but they virtually never do if they follow a doctor's advice and prescriptions. I know people on forums here and there who were diagnosed 40 years ago and they're still making coffee. And slurping it.

As regrettable as it is, electrical disorders of the heart that are not cause by simple electrolyte imbalance or a wonky valve, or temporary myocarditis, tend to progress over time. That is why you will almost certainly be referred to an electrophysiologist before long. Those specialist find out where the problem lies and then fix it, or block it. Either way, there are lots of good options ahead for you to benefit from.

Whomever told you that metoprolol and flecainide cause your thingie to droop or drop or disappear, or whatever, hasn't lived with the medications, or they're simply pulling your leg unkindly. If you lose your hair, it was because you pulled it out over your anxiety, not because of either of those two drugs. Kapeesh!?!?


Ive had paroxysmal atrial tachycardia for 40 years. When i moved to my current home on 2022 and changed docs, they did the full monty - 30 day holter monitor - nuclear stress test - echocardiogram- consult with electrophysiologist - even a course of metoprolol (which I took myself off of - terrible stuff imho)
My BP runs around 112/60. If i have a run of PAT , I cough hard and rub my carotid and it goes away. I could have ablation but that seems like inviting trouble to me.

Ps.. the electrophysiologist and i agreed i would set my watch to detect Afib and then he could live with no action.

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