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A short film about cancer, FOR cancer patients and those around them...

Posted by @tkmusgrave, Feb 6, 2012

My name is Tanya and I’m a recent film-school graduate…

My grandfather died of pancreatic cancer and I’ve had a couple friends my own age die from various brain cancers. Two of my good friends’ moms are dying from it, and countless others I know have connections with it as well.

When it came time to do our senior project, we wanted to do something that mattered. When I was working on this project, my roommate and best friend found out her dad had cancer, and one script just stood out from the rest. “Blue” is the result; it’s a short film about a college girl coming to terms with her father’s cancer when he comes to help her paint her room the color she’s always wanted: blue.

We hope you gain a blessing from this film…it had cancer patients, their family and their friends in mind when it was written and made. The main actress herself is actually a cancer survivor (ewing sarcoma). Should you find in it the comfort and hope we intended, I please ask that you share it. We want first and foremost to get it to the people who have been affected by cancer…it’s ugly, it sucks and we want people to know that it’ll be okay.

Blessings for those who are facing cancer!


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