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I’m often apologizing for my long posts thinking the most people do not like to see or to read long posts I would keep them short if I thought or felt that all of the relative points that explained the issues are covered.

T asked which symptom was the most prevalent. I tried to answer but I know they change.

If I was referred to a pain clinic for chronic pain originally DXd as degenerative disc disease and the newest PA talks with me about her plan going forward it occurred to me to be agreeable until I read the article that TWolf posted and the conversations that followed seem to beg a simple question of the PA: “ are you aware of these other symptoms and how long they have been going on? There were suggestions for me to take notes and ask questions but it seemed to me that a to the point question might simply be the one I just mentioned;” do you know about these findings that present similar symptoms as well as other symptoms that for lack of a better word might be “ crossover “
These hospitals and doctor policies often ignore the logic of communication so the recommendation immediately goes to “ make an appointment for a face to face with the PA” I honestly have no idea what the doctor is told or if any of the staff themself takes charge and looks into 1 who made the original referral to the pain clinic 2 to call them and ask if there’s anything specific that the pain clinic should know 3 are there any other doctors or facilities that may not have been included, and since I specifically mentioned low D might they ask when the low D was detected and how low was it and finally what’s been done about the low D and where does it stand now..
I can not say definitely if ANY of those question were asked and a 52 miles round trip drive to a patient who is struggling with sight, headaches, concussion, anxiety, depression excessive sweeting and urination will benefit how by a face to face when a simple answer to the question:” are you aware “ is subjugated to hospital policy or doctors rules seems horribly WRONG!
Monday I called and asked to speak with a supervisor. Yesterday I called again and was advised to make and appointment and was asked if anyone returned my call. The answer was no. So I was put through to the supervisor but was told that she had patients all day so I left a message complaining about the delay and mentioned that yesterday ( Thursday ) immediately becomes Friday and Friday turns into next week. So far no return call. I’m going to make it now

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