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Lefty 35

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A month ago, we found a water spot on the carpet in

Posted by @lefty35, Nov 22, 2011

A month ago, we found a water spot on the carpet in our basement family room. A pinpoint leak was discovered in a copper pipe which conveys water from our hot water heat boiler.. My husband removed 7 gallons of water from the carpet with a shop vac. The old carpet is removed and we will have new carpet and ceiling tile installed. My ARNP has me on albuterol but she and my allergy clinic think I need more meds. I am very sensitive to steroids. I no longer have shortness of breath, but have a sore throat feeling in my windpipe and a dry, frequent cough. Now that the mold is gone, I assumed I would be getting better. Has anyone else experienced mold sickness. Did you recover? Thank you. Lefty35



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Posted by @deliasanderson, Nov 26, 2011

it may very well still be in the air especially in your basement. stay as far away from the basement as possible and find out how to really make sure you’re rid of it.

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