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A job, a job, a job....been without since my L5 disc decided

Posted by @fotoguy10, Jan 11, 2012

A job, a job, a job….been without since my L5 disc decided to give up back on May 24, 2010. Haven’t worked since, lost my MRI tech job in Detroit, and had L5-S1 fusion with hardware late Sept. 2010. Rehab was a bitch, but I worked my tail off getting better, but now I wonder why? At age 55, and after being off work for a whole year, and for a medical leave…most hiring managers play paperwad basketball with my resume. I had to leave Florida(which I absolutely love as the warmth was so good for my back) and come to tiny town, Tennessee and live with my mom. How pathetic. Anyway, I struggle everyday with some degree of discomfort, but walking my 3-4 miles a day is what keeps the pain away, along with my stretches the P.T. taught me. But this depression from being away from where I want to live my life, and from not having a job, income, basically a life, has been too much to bear most days. I do have a chance for an MRI job at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, TX, where my brother lives. Contacting the staffing company today, as they called me again last night. Wish me luck!!


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