A day to remember.

Posted by Lisa @techi, Dec 15, 2017

Today was the first time since 2yrs l went to drive by myself. Well that’s a scary feeling. I was driving so slow that the people behind me was so mad but none of them passed me so l guess they might of sense something or they weren’t in a rush to get anywhere. So when l would stop l would start slowing down about maybe 2 cars were in front of me. So you know I had my foot on the brake a lot. Then l was going in the right direction and I got in the turn lane to go left well l was a little slow turning. Thank God no one was behind me.Then l was going to turn into the store parking lot but missed the turn so I had to go back around. I went to look for a Christmas tree and came out with nothing. They didn’t have the size l wanted so back home again. Then my gas light came on, so I didn’t know where the dial is that tells you if it’s full or empty. Thank goodness the gas station was near because the light came on and it said 37. I didn’t know what that meant. So I get to the gas station and l thought okay I will just get my gas no problem. Did know we’re the gas tank lever was to open the tank. So here l am struggling to find it. Then Lord and behold there it was. So I put in my credit card to pay for the gas. And I thought once you put the card in you could pump the gas. Silly me you have to read the screen. I did and it said zip code. Well that seemed weird but anyway l put my zip code in. Now what? So I am waiting not going on. So I looked at the screen again so I said let’s start over. So I put in my zip code and now I see where they said slide your credit card. N ok w you know you have to look and see if you put it in the right way. Thank God this one was asking to slide because I hate the chip. And that’s way beyond this brain. So I thought ok I got this but I didn’t know which pump to pickup. I think I said it right pump. I saw a red one as ND a yellow one. That was a crossword puzzle to figure out. So great l found the right one. I think it was the yellow one. I can’t remember it was to confusing. So I pumped the gas and it stopped when it was full. Yeah!! So I got back I need the car to see if I see the needle to see if it said full. I didn’t see the needle and I was wearing my glasses. So I said Lord let me get back home. I wanted to stop to get something to eat but I said no. I don’t think I can handle the drive-thru. I haven’t done that for awhile. So I finally got home. I was so glad to see my house and three dogs. It’s been along day. Is this what remembering what driving is all about? Well l have to start all over again because I have to get the car serviced. I told my adopted grandson driving for me is like getting my drivers permit. He laughed at me and said grandma it will be alright and if you need me to help you I will. Now he’s 14 and going on 15 next month and he’s driving ready to go get his drivers permit. So I guess we will both drive together except he remembers. So that was my big day and I had no accidents.

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PS I want everyone to know I had a brain Injury and relapse but l just saying we can all look forward to welcoming can make it no matter how long it takes or if we don’t get it right the first time but we can’t give up.


Thank you for sharing your day, @techy. That’s quite an achievement! I hope you continue to excel. We’re cheering for you! 🙂


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