9 years post left hip replacement.

Posted by penell1955 @penell1955, May 26 5:45pm

I haven't been pain free over the past 5 years or so. Now having pain in the joint and groin and having difficulty going up and down stairs. Have had x-rays of the hip over the past few years and the orthopedic surgeon says there is nothing wrong

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@penell1955 Five years is a long time to live with pain - maybe we can find someone on Mayo Connect who has been through the same thing.
I'm not so sure your orthopedic surgeon is looking far enough for an answer. Over time a number of things can happen with an implant, and not all may be obvious on an x-ray. For example, I had pain beginning two years after 2 new hips, and kept complaining to the surgeon at my annual visits. He would take x-rays and say, "No, everything is fine."
At 5 years, we learned that my metal-on-metal implants could be at fault. After blood tests and additional imaging, it was determined that excessive metal was shedding into my body, leading to a condition known as metallosis and destruction of muscle tissue. I had them replaced, went through PT, the metal levels in my body went back to normal, and 13 years later I am fine. My friend had a loose femoral stem, but it wasn't evident until x-rayed in several positions, with the leg under tension - then the radiologist could see it was moving. I'm sure others can share stories of what could be wrong.
My suggestion would be, if your surgeon doesn't take this seriously, find a different one, who specializes in diagnosing complex situations and revisions.
Have you seen anyone other than your original surgeon about your pain?


My surgeon retired and I have since moved. I have a new surgeon where I live. I am going to give it a little more time before I see him again. I will suggest he do blood tests and other imaging like an MRI. Before seeing this surgeon I saw a female and she just said I had inflammation! I had blood tests and there was no inflammation. Very frustrating.


I had left hip replacement in June 2021. Things were going well for a few weeks, then excruciating pain in one day while walking with walker. Went back to surgeon and found out that my prothesis had slipped 3/4" into my femur (he had not cemented prothesis into place). A few weeks later he did hip replacement revision, this time he cemented it into place, and used different size prothesis.
Ever since I have had pain while walking, standing, or doing other hip movements. It's painful to raise my knee more than about 2 inches, or move my leg sideways.
The pain is in the mid-front of my thigh. I would rate it anywhere from 6-8 on the pain scale. I have no pain (or very little) while sitting or laying down once I get there.
I'd been back to the surgeon a few times, along with pain specialists, neurologists, nerve doctors, and had Spinal Cord Stimulator (which I've had reset a few times due to little pain relief).
Have any of you had similar problems? If so, please contact me. 3 years or pain is enough!!!
Thank you.

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