78 yo female with Glioblastoma multiforma

Posted by patc @patc, Aug 4, 2016

I was diagnosed on June 27, resection of tumor on July 2. I finished the fourth of 15 radiation treatments and also the fourth of the chemotherapy (Temodar) Anyone out there in a similar situation.

Hi @patc and welcome to Connect. I’d like to introduce you to @user_che69bc66 who was recently diagnosed with glioblastoma. Please also meet @js119 @ljsandlin @adri @eaglesview @dawn_giacabazi who have experience with glioblastoma and Temodar.

We look forward to getting to know you Pat. Can you tell us a bit more about you? The past 6 weeks must seem like a whirlwind – diagnosis, resection, radiation and chemo. How are you doing? What concerns you the most? What brings you joy?


@patc. Welcome to connect. I am sure this is a scary time. I would like to try and offer some comfort.
My mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 GBM. She went through 30 treatments of radiation along with 3 months of Temodar. She had no nausea and vomiting unlike regular chemotherapy treatments. The treatments were successful at shrinking the tumors.

Prayers for comfort & healing,

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